Pet Peeves: Rolling In Stank

This is Owen... of the original Funky Pet Zones Family Members. His mom was given Pet Potion to test in our early days and raved how it actually neutralized the scent of dead animals that Owen and his brother Rocco would roll in at the beach.

This was a Pet Peeve I had never heard of until then. Poop also inspires dog to do a joy roll. Here's what we found:

There are a couple theories on this gross pleasure and they both stem back to wolf ancestry.  As we know wolves are very in tune with their environment. whether another animal decides to poop or die in their turf, the discoverer will roll in this unfamiliar scent to bring back information to the pack. If this is the reason, then our excited pups are merely bringing us information of the treasures they have found. (mom, mom, look what I found!)

It has also been said that dogs roll to camouflage their scent when stalking prey. Wolves in the wild take care of their own dinner time and outsmarting the fox is their game.

Apparently you can put a dress on your dog but you can’t take the wolf out of him!

The best tip for this scenario is to teach your dog the “DROP IT” command. If you can’t catch them in time, a thorough Pet Potion spray and rub down will do the trick!