Your Cat's Peeves About you!

Have you ever thought that there may be things YOU do that drive your cat's nuts?

I'm here today to talk about what cats hate about what you do!

Taking cats for car rides

Cats are territorial and don't like their routine switched up, plus they get carsick easily



Play dates

Although dogs find much joy in  going to the park and playing with new dogs, cat's are most happy in their own territory. Introducing your cat to a new cat for a few hours can invite hissing, fighting, and marking their territory.

Bathing your cat

Yes, cats take pride and grooming themselves (however this does not make cats clean). The sound of running water is scary and the sensation of being submerged feels foreign and unsafe to most cats. There are more gentle alternatives to keeping your fur baby clean.



Using scented products on them

Humans like perfumey, fruity-smells, but cats have around 300 million smell receptors making human scents unbearable. If you don't like the way cats smell then maybe rethink having one.

Not cleaning the litter box enough

Cats like room to cover their poops, they don't like navigating landmines. They'll find a way to let you know if your cleaning habits don't meet their standards. 

Petting your cat too much

Cats can get overstimulated easily with no warning. Each cat can handle different amounts of petting. Be mindful of this or you'll learn the hard way.



Fighting loud/ playing loud music

Cats are very sensitive to loud noises. Thunderstorms, doorbells, fighting and loud music can easily get them scared.

Leaving food out too long or serving it cold

Cats hate cold food so let it thought out some before you feed. They also hate food that has been left out too long.

Ignoring your cat

Cats like to call the shots on who ignores who. Even if they have furry siblings to keep them company while you're at work all day, they still want their human’s attention.

Laugh at them

Yes, your cat may look soo cute it makes you laugh, however they actually can feel embarrassed about their new haircut or weird costume you just dressed them in. If they do get a new haircut, tell they how great they look, and they will settle in just fine.

Now you know you aren’t the only one with Peeves!