Q & A: Cats

What is (Refresh) Pet Potion?
-It’s an all natural waterless spray bath
Why use this when cats bathe themselves?
-Cats lick themselves constantly yes, but it doesn’t make them CLEAN.
They actually lick:
For safety/protection so they won’t be detected by predators
To cool down: cats only sweat through their paws so licking helps them maintain a normal body temperature.
It stimulates blood flow
And of course it’s a sign of affection
(Over licking can be a sign of stress)
I never bathe my cat, why would I use this?
Refresh is a dander/allergen remover
What is dander exactly?
Dander is a mix of dead skin, saliva and ...urine! Yuck!
What does Refresh smell like? Is it the only spray for cats?
Refresh is unscented.  It is our only spray for cats at this time. Cat's livers can't process essential oils or any other synthetic scents. We stand strong behind not using scented products on cats.
Is it safe for my cat to lick?
How do you use Refresh for itchy skin?
Just spray the itchy area and leave it on. You can reapply a couple times daily.
Does Refresh help with fleas?
Yes, the neem oil extract is a known flea repellant and does not interfere with your flea treatments.
Will my cat feel sticky?
No,  they feel silky, clean and more soft after. They air dry quickly.
How often do I give a spray bath?
You can use monthly or weekly, depends on your preference.
Is Refresh just for spray baths?
No, it’s a great spot treat.. Bum issues and such. Our unique solution encapsulates debris and wipes away easily!
How long does a bottle last?
That depends on how often you use it.
What if I trained my cat with a water bottle?
Simply spray solution in your hand and rub on to cat, and or, spray from behind. Our sprayer is quiet, more of a mister.
*after a couple of uses the cats relate positively to the rub down and love the experience!