pet potion

The all natural, quick and easy, skin and coat care for your pet.

quick & easy

shake well, spray pet, wipe off with wet cloth, or massage in and leave on. air dries soft!

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what you put ON your pet matters as what you put IN them

Simple All Natural Spray Bath for YOUR Fur Baby, Pet Potion cleans your pet with an all-natural blend of ingredients while soothing itchy skin, making your life easier, giving you more time to focus on active pet fun-- and less on pet funk!

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No Stink. No Itch. For All Pets.

Pet's do what pets do...and that often means messes and mishaps. Who has time to stop their day and give a full bath or spend their time and money at yet another grooming appointment? Pet Potion freshens your fur baby using the highest quality of natural ingredients that soothes itchy skin and really gets the job done.

- 100% Natural

- Protects & Restores Natural Moisture Barrier Of The Skin

- Dander/Allergen Remover

- Neutralizes Odors

- Coat Re-freshener Conditioner

- Easy For Spot Cleaning

- Great for bum and paw issues

- Soothes Itchy, Irritated Skin

 - Helps with Flea Control

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Video: How to Use Pet Potion

Shanna and The Story of Funky Pet Zones

Shanna Spencer is an inventor, entrepreneur, health & beauty expert, pet parent and impassioned animal wellness advocate. Over a career of two decades in the beauty industry, pursuing natural beauty and care solutions, she has developed a robust knowledge of both the personal care and pet industries. An innovator at heart, Shanna listened to her client's needs and observed that many of them were pet parents having similar issues. She wanted to give them the time to properly manage grooming, clean up and help skin problems of their pets. And so came, Funky Pet Zones! A much healthier solution for quick clean ups. Shanna spends her time with precious fur babies and their pet parents educating and improving lives.

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The Pros Love Pet Potion!

I love beach time but hate tar on my paws! That’s why Pet Potion is my favorite beach treat! The oils encapsulate and break up the tar and it’s ok if I lick after! 

Sage -Labradoodle

"I have super sensitive and itchy skin, but with my weekly spray baths, I have no itch anymore! And no more butt baths! My momma sprays my 'dingleberries' and the oils encapsulate and make clean up quick and easy!" 

Peekaboo, Pekingese/Shih Tzu

I love the outdoors and catching mice. I use to have to get baths before sleeping in my mom’s bed. Not anymore! All I get now is a quick spray and rub. Thank you Pet Potion! 

Keyton the Cat

We all have obsessions, so I like to chew my fur off in some in places. Since Pet Potion, the urge is gone and my skin is healing on my back! My mommy also uses it on my face so I don’t have medicine crusting on my chin. 


The beach is our heaven. There is nothing like jumping in the waves- then finding dead birds to roll in. Our fun used to end with a shower where people wash their feet. Now we get a light breezy spray and rub down before getting into the car. Thank you Pet Potion! ~Owen & Rocco

Owen & Rocco

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