PetPotion - all natural waterless spray baths are a quick & easy way to keep pets fresh in-between baths

PetPotion spray is a 100% natural, using premium, non toxic ingredients. Your pets never have to smell funky or look punky. PetPotion makes your lives much easier every single day, every single walk. It's better for you, and better for your pets! Veterinarian Approved! Pet Approved! Pawrent Approved!

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Unique Bottle Design

Consistent & Eco-friendly spray. Reuseable & Refillable.

Our quiet spray is very gentle. It quickly and evenly distributes our natural formulas all over your pet.

You only have to buy your spray once, and you can refill for less!

Pet Potion freshens your fur baby using the highest quality of natural ingredients in a fraction of the time. We really get the job done.

Hear from @joshthedoodle at Be Like Josh Foundation.

Since October, I have been looking for a doggy dry shampoo or a similar product to keep Josh clean and fresh between grooming appointments. If we are visiting schools or having people pet and hold Josh, I want him looking and smelling good, which can be challenging. Here’s what I really love about it- the sprayer is amazing. One spray and a long, fine mist is released, it is so user-friendly! So here’s how I use it: I spray all over so that his whole coat is covered (even the sensitive areas), I brush thoroughly down to his skin with a slicker brush then fluff dry him with a towel removing any excess that is on his fur. He smells neutral and fresh afterward, unlike some deodorizers that leave dogs smelling like stinky dogs who have been sprayed with artificial scents. - Kimberly

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Approved by Veterinarians