Pet potion is a lifestyle brand for the modern pet parent. We are dedicated to simplifying pet parent duties with innovative premium products that are safe and sustainable.

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When Bath Time Isn't A Option

We believe having fresh smelling pets shouldn't be stressful!

PetPotion organic, no rinse, waterless misting spray shampoos are a quick and easy way to keep pets fresh in between baths, using minimal premium, non toxic ingredients. We believe in conserving water and your time. When you run out, our economic refills are available. Veterinarian tested & Approved! Pet Approved! Pawrent Approved!

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Plant Based/Compostable Pet Wipes

Our wipes are great for quick clean ups! Pawfect for the face, paws, wrinkles, and bums. Our lightly scented signature formulas are anti bacterial, hypoallergenic, cleans and conditions the coat and help with itchy skin. We believe in giving love to you and your pets, as well as the planet.

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Bunny Collection

Bunny Misting Shampoo Collection

We bring you our signature misting sprays for rabbits. Our gentle, organic formulas are Vet approved and pawfect for spot cleaning rabbits and guinea pigs too! They promote the heath of the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Refresh Cat Organic, No Rinse, Misting Shampoo 5oz/ Unscented - PetPotion™

Cat Collection

Cleaning kitties isn't an easy task! Our gentle organic, no rinse, no scare, misting shampoo is a quick and easy way to take care of bum issues, litter paws and dander! Vet approved and made with love in the USA!

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I love beach time but hate tar on my paws! That’s why Pet Potion is my favorite beach treat! The oils encapsulate and break up the tar and it’s ok if I lick after! 

Sage -Labradoodle

"I have super sensitive and itchy skin, but with my weekly spray baths, I have no itch anymore! And no more butt baths! My momma sprays my 'dingleberries' and the oils encapsulate and make clean up quick and easy!" 

Peekaboo, Pekingese/Shih Tzu

I love the outdoors and catching mice. I use to have to get baths before sleeping in my mom’s bed. Not anymore! All I get now is a quick spray and rub. Thank you Pet Potion! 

Keyton the Cat

We all have obsessions, so I like to chew my fur off in some in places. Since Pet Potion, the urge is gone and my skin is healing on my back! My mommy also uses it on my face so I don’t have medicine crusting on my chin. 


The beach is our heaven. There is nothing like jumping in the waves- then finding dead birds to roll in. Our fun used to end with a shower where people wash their feet. Now we get a light breezy spray and rub down before getting into the car. Thank you Pet Potion! ~Owen & Rocco

Owen & Rocco

Daily Care with PetPotion

Approved by Veterinarians