Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!


So it's finally summer, and you may be planning a get-away. You've got your destination in mind, bags packed, and then get hit with a wave of guilt for leaving your beloved fur baby  behind . . . So what do you do? It’s time to find the perfect pet sitter!

Pet sitters don't have to be used just when you go on vacation. Like babysitters, having a reliable pet sitter could help you on a weekly basis. However, finding the perfect mommys little helper” can seem daunting- that’s why Funky Pet Zones has put together a quick checklist for what to look for in your perfect pet sitter.


1) Background check-  this person will be getting an extra set of keys to your home, so you'll need to be able to trust them. A good referral is great, but take the extra time to research a new caregiver.

2). Are they certified?  The benefits of a certified pet sitter is that they take their job seriously by investing time money and energy educating themselves on the best pet care practices. It shows they have a higher level of commitment too. Most certifications cover animal behavior, pet care, health, nutrition and first aid.

3). Do they have insurance? Proof of insurance tells you that your pet-sitter is not only serious about their business but conscientious about protecting themselves and you.

4). What is this person's experience?  When finding the right fit for your family- it's good to know if the candidate is an animal lover, what the person's experience is with your breed/type of pet, and can this person care for your pet's specific medical needs?

5). What is the candidates investment in the initial interview?  Are they asking questions and taking notes on your fur baby?

During your initial interview, it’s best to set up a time for your prospective sitter-candidate to meet your pet. Some key things to notice are your pet and the sitter’s energy together.


Does your fur-baby settle down with this person, or are they agitated?

Is the sitter patient and attentive?

Here you will be able to determine if this person is the right fit for your family.

If it's possible to come and have them visit a few times before you go to get them better acquainted and you can watch their comfort level, this will soothe any anxiety you may have about leaving your pet. When you know your baby’s well taken care of, you’ll enjoy your adventure even more!

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