Do You Bug Your Dog? What Do Dogs Hate?

Do You Bug Your Dog? What Do Dogs Hate?

Have you ever wondered if there are things that you do that drives your dog nuts?

Well it turns out there are!


Do Dogs Like Hugging?

If you were to ask me before, how to show your dog love? I would have said cuddles, hugs, kisses... mushing! I was crushed to find out that hugging is at the top of the list. Could he be just tolerating me? Dogs don't always interpret these overtures of love as your deep affection for them. It could actually tell your dog that you're dominating and threatening! (This, of course, doesn't go for all dogs).

Do Dogs Mind Eye Contact And Being In Their Personal Space?

They can actually see this as a challenge, not always loving gesture. The best thing to do is observe your dog, they will show you their love language in their own way.

Should I Let My Dog Sniff On Walks?

Dogs need to be trained to be able to walk with you, and listen to you with out being distracted yes. However not letting a dog stop, sniff, occasionally is super annoying. Imagine how you would feel being rushed through one of your favorite stores. Plan time for your dogs to be dogs too!

Being Yelled At

Dogs sense our emotions. It's upsetting and confusing when they are yelled at. Loud voices, music and noises are also upsetting to pups. Training with positive reinforcement is the only way to teach wanted behaviors.

Why Does My Dog Hate Pretty Smelling Things? (synthetic fragrances)

Dogs have about 3 million scent receptors ( humans have about 6 million). They use their sense of smell to gather information so fragrances and chemicals irritate their noses. The only information they get from this is a yeck!

Why Does My Dog Hate Baths?

Not all dogs hate baths, but many do. Often it's because of an early scary experience, but can also be, strongly scented shampoos. The worst! Again, because dog's sense of smell is so heightened, smelling like a synthetic cucumber melon ball is not pleasing. For some, the sound of running water and the sensation of being submerged feels uncomfortable and scary.

Dogs Don't Like: Lack of routine and rules

Dogs actually like routines and rules. When their world is predictable they feel more confident. For example they like their walks and to be fed at the same time of day.

Being alone or ignored

Some dogs are comforted by the presence of other pets, however they most crave time with her human companions. Being left alone a lot will create a stressed dog.

Petting on the head

How do dogs like being pet? If you want to connect with a dog, they're back and belly are typically their choice parts.

Now that you know all this, maybe you won’t bug your dog as I apparently was bugging mine!

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