Frito/Corn Chip/Popcorn Feet?

Frito/Corn Chip/Popcorn Feet?

                          Frito/Corn Chip/Popcorn Feet??

Frito feet”. What is it? Does your dog have it? We’re here to tell you about this funky phenomena!

Though many dog parents like their pooches paws smelling like fritos, not everyone does. But what causes this funky smell? Because dogs sweat through their foot pads, the sweat sometimes gets trapped in-between the fur and your pup’s foot pads. The natural bacteria, proteus, and yeast form and then develops a funky noticeable odor.. If you’re smelling a funky odor, this is probably the case. If the scent is over powering get it checked with your vet.


Dogs are more susceptible to an overgrowth in yeast when they have weak or compromised immune systems. Antibiotics aren’t always the culprit, but there are often a flare ups of yeast growth after antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed to kill infections and bad bacteria but are also known to kill the good bacteria too. If your dog has  reoccurring foot funk, they most likely have a yeast growth issue. An overgrowth in yeast is also a very itchy experience for dogs. Some dogs even become allergic to their own flora imbalance which shows up internally and externally.

So now that you know what that unique corn chip smell is essentially a yeast infection, gross, now what?

One way to reduce odor is keeping the fur between the paw pads. Another external option is  Pet Potion. The natural ingredients are known to be anti- fungal (yeast), antibacterial, antiseptic and really helps in neutralizing the frito-feet funk as well as killing off yeast forming. Funky Pet Zones is passionate about what we put IN and ON our pets!


Just like our bodies,  what is happening on the outside is a reflection of what is happening on the inside of our dog’s bodies. So let's talk a little now about diet. When yeast issues are present, dogs need to be fed a low glycemic and low starch diet that will allow the normal flora to thrive at healthy levels again. Starchy vegetables also need to be omitted. Starches turn to sugar in the body. Sugar is the perfect catalyst in growing yeast. Pay attention to your dog food and stay away from foods with sugar, fructose syrup honey and sweet potatoes. Why the heck is there sugar in dog food? Maybe a bit for taste, it’s used as a filler and be careful because it is often known as a “natural preservative”.

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