Just How Smart Are Cats?

Just How Smart Are Cats?

I’ve been obsessed about cats my whole life. Persian cats in particular have caught my fancy. I am a proud mom of to Persian cats. They keep me constantly entertained with their little quirks. A friend of mine trained her cat to use the human toilet. Her cat was not a Persian, and I couldn’t imagine my fur babies using the toilet. This made me wonder if there were certain breeds that were smarter than others.

Well, according to cattime.com, theres actually is a list of smartest cat breeds!

The Abyssianian cat ranks number one they are high climbers and play fetch.

The Turkish Van cat are known to be a bit clumsy, but you can also train them to fetch and do tricks.

Scottish Fold’s  play fetch and love to join in human activities such as watching a screen. They are also known to need a lot of attention.

Siamese cats are not only are they talkative, they also follow you around. Siamese cats get bored easily and do great when having another feline companion.

The Burmese cat also love to talk, just not as loud as the Siamese cat. Learning tricks and walking on leashes can be their norm. As well as getting very attached to their human.

Tonkinese cats are the perfect mix of Siamese and Burmese. They are very social and do great with dogs. Here's something cool, their coat changes color with the climate!

The Bengal cat is known for being great with their paws, learning tricks and actually loving water.

Cornish Rex, are truly unique felines that are excellent jumpers. They have long toes that let them hang on objects, open doors and raid cabinets. They love sitting on people and make great therapy cats.


The Singapura cat may have actually come from and Abyssianian and Burmese mix. This is the smallest cat breed that are quite curious and always busy.

So there you have it! My cats didn't make the cut, but that's okay, I love them anyway.

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