8 Tips When Bringing Your Dog To The Office

8 Tips When Bringing Your Dog To The Office

Many companies are starting to allow people to bring their dogs to work. Companies like Google are even including Dogs at Work in their Company Handbooks. What dog lover doesn’t want to see a pup during a long work day? Studies show that bringing your dog to work increases productivity morale and makes you step away from your desk in the day to take an outside break. Overall, Office Dogs make the world a better place.

If you are wondering if your dog is the right kind of pup to bring to work, here are 8 Funky Pet Zones tips. Assuming your pup is well trained (no barking or whining), non aggressive and socialized to other dogs and humans, housebroken and fully vaccinated, you're good to go!

Be aware that not all people appreciate pets in their work space. Have a conversation with your coworkers letting them know of your intention of bringing your dog to work. This shows you are being conscientious  and mindful of them.  Come to an agreement about how it all will work before you bring your dog to the office. This preparation will head off any future  unpleasant exchanges and keep everybody in wagging tails.

The best way to get your pup ready for work is through an Office Dog Boot Camp led by professional trainers. This will take you and your pup through the needed training to ensure a happy and healthy day at work for you both. If your company does not offer this perk, then here is the Funky Pet Zones Guide to helping your fur babies transition from home life to office life!

8 Handy Office Dog Tips

1) Before your pup’s first big work day, bring them to the office for a couple quick visits and let them get a feel and smell for the place before they are expected to stay all day and “behave”. During these short visits, introduce your dog to the space, let them sniff out corners and give them a moment to calm down in the space.

2) In preparation for your Office Dog’s first day, create a safe place for your pooch in their new surroundings.Place a bed in an area of your office, don't let them choose their own area or they may become territorial. If you bring them to their place that you have designated, they will share the territory.

3) Be prepared to supervise your dog at all times. Typically dogs are not allowed to wander unattended. Always keep your dog on a leash when out of your office to respect your fellow colleagues. A leashed “at work” pup is a good “at work” pup!

4) Be aware of the designated potty spots before your dog's first day at the office. Sometimes accidents happen in new situations, so bring the appropriate poop bags and cleaning supplies for these possible mishaps. Clean up the accident immediately.

5) Always start the day with a good walk before you and your pup head into the office. This will help relieve some of the excited and/or anxious energy your dog might feel when heading into work. If you have the chance to meet up with colleagues who also have Office Dogs, see below for another great tip.

6) Take a Pack Walk! If there are other dogs in the office, a Pack Walk is a great way to introduce the new friends on neutral territory. Show up a few minutes early and take a little stroll, centering you and your pup’s office mates before the day begins. If there is a specific dog your fur baby will be seeing on a daily basis it would be great to exchange toys for half hour or so to get them used to each other's smell.

7) It's great to bring a few office toys to occupy your fur baby while you work. Make sure the toys are left in your dog's area. It is best to leave food and treats/ bones at home to eliminate other curious friends and aggression issues. If you must bring food, feed or treat your dog when other dogs are not present.

8) Lastly  be conscientious of your office mates and take care of the funk!  You may have an affinity for your pooch’s smell, but to others, it may be downright offensive. Before your work day, using  Pet Potion - all natural spray bath, is a quick and easy way to keeping your dog smelling like the best version of themselves!


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