A Walk In The Pack!

A Walk In The Pack!

                                               A walk in the pack!


A great way to spend your summer is getting involved in local pack walks! It’s a fun way to get out with your dog, and meet new people while instilling training habits. We caught up with Eric from K-Nine Solutions in Santa Barbara, CA to talk more about pack walks


Here is what we learned:

FPZ What are the training principles in a pack walk?  

K9 The training principles we cover are how to do the focused walk under heavy distractions, being calm around other dogs and basic obedience around distractions. It is also a great leadership exercise for the humans, as they learn to manage the dogs energy around heavy distractions.


FPZ What do you do in a pack walk?

K9 We pair people and their dogs up and have them walk together in a structured format, that teaches the dog to be calm  and submissive and the owners to be calm and assertive. We also stop and do basic obedience training exercises.

FPZ  What are the rules for participating?

K9 The rules for participating are; the people and the dog have to have been trained, or are in training with us. The humans have to be in control at all times. Dogs walk side-by-side the entire walk without engaging with each other. We have to keep the dogs focused on where we’re going and on their people.


FPZ What are the benefits of a pack walk?

K9 There are so many benefits to have dogs working together in what would be a normally chaotic environment. The most immediate effects are that the dog learns that it doesn’t have to be excited and distracted around other dogs. It can stay calm and focused on its person. The collective energy of the pack calms dogs down and installs a sense of peace and confidence that he/she may not have had around other dogs.


FPZ How many pack walks does a dog need to be “socialized”?

K9 It depends on the dog, but more importantly, it depends on how the owner handles the dogs energy on the walk. The calmer and more confident the owner is, the sooner the dog will get used to the pack and get socialized.


FPZ  What do the owners and their dogs learn?

K9 The owners/dogs learn to be calm and assertive


And there you have it! Funky Pet Zones believes that you will get the most out of participating in a pack walk with a trainer that knows you, your dog and the other dogs and parents joining in. We have been on several walks with K-Nine Solutions and have always been impressed with their level of professionalism, technique, safety and fun!


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