Q&A: Pooch

What is a waterless spray bath?
-It’s an option to use to freshen in between baths, as well as quick spot clean up. It's also great for dogs who don't like baths.
Are the ingredients safe for pets to lick?
Will my dog feel sticky?
No, they feel silky,clean and more soft after. They air dry quickly.
How often do I use my spray?
You can use monthly or weekly, depends on your preference.
Are the sprays just for spray baths?
No, it’s a great spot treat.. Bum issues and funky paws. Our unique solution encapsulates debris and wipes away easily!
How do you use the spray baths for itchy skin?
Just spray the itchy area and leave it on. You can reapply a couple times daily.
How often do I use?
You can use monthly or weekly, depends on your preference.
Can you over use?
No, the natural ingredients actually promote and restore the natural moisture barrier, unlike typical dog shampoo.
Why not just use deodorizing wipes?
Wipes are fully saturated with solution, it just moves the funk around without “wiping” anything off. They also leave toxic ingredients on your pooch’s coat and skin, which attracts more dirt and funk.
By using a wet (with water) wash cloth to wipe off the solution, they will smell fresher longer.
Does Pet Potion help with fleas?
Yes, the neem oil extract is a known flea repellant and does not interfere with your flea treatments.