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Authentic Baltic Amber Pet Necklace-

Authentic Baltic Amber Pet Necklace-

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                                                      Functional Jewelry For Pets!

Our genuine baltic amber collars are 100% natural and free of chemicals to bring you a non toxic option for flea and tick prevention.

Because we only use raw Authentic Baltic Amber from Lithuania, each piece is a one-of-kind  

Pawfect for puppies and kittens, sensitive pets, senior pets and for those of you who want an alternative to chemicals.  (Plus, they look pretty!)

How They Work:

Baltic Amber is actually made from fossilized tree resin, it’s not actually a stone. The oil from the amber is known to put out a scent that repels insects. Its second line of "defense" is its electrostatic properties. What does this mean? As your pet makes its normal body movements, the amber causes friction and the coat has a static charge so it makes it impossible for fleas and ticks to cling to the fur/hair. No Chemicals!

Baltic amber is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, to calm anxiety, skin issues and is known as a natural pain reliever. (Plus, it’s pretty!)

Please note: PetPotion necklace/collar is a strong prevention but not a treatment remedy. Therefore, the best practice is to treat the existing infestation with more potent remedies (consult your veterinarian when in doubt) and then put on the PetPotion necklace for further natural protection.

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